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Relax. It's only the end of the world.
God, these guys are good. That jangly guitar sets the stage for this song with that edgy, moody, beautiful riff. It creates a tension that is eased slightly when the second guitar joins in. But then it returns with a vengeance when the singer sings. This guy can flat-out deliver the goods. He knows his voice and he knows how to use it. It's got so much color and richness, he's dangerous. When he sings there is a sense of urgency, but a relaxed urgency. It's like the house is on fire and everyone else is rushing to get out, but he sits in his easy chair and say's, " go on without me, I want to finish this beer first." Very cool and very smooth. The female vocals add another sense of nonchallance as they casually sing as the world crashes in around them. This song feels like something is always about to blow up, like a ticking time bomb. Do-do-do, do-do, do-do-do. The lead guitar work is great and the surprise sax solo adds another layer of moody texture in a song that is already dripping with atmosphere. First-rate musicianship from everyone and top-notch production makes for one great package. God, these guys are good.

- bassoone