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STEVE BACKUS - songwriter, bass, vocals. Played in Los Angeles in Lust Sex & Lunacy and in Boston in Excalibur. Studied music and math at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

JOE MEUNIER - songwriter, guitar, bass,vocals, keys, rythym machines, engineering, mixing, production. Played the east coast with Shine and Dirty Nurse.

Pat Donovan - Vocals, guitars. Songwriter - N.E. Conservatory of Music, Berklee College of Music,lyricist; won gold medal at 1984 Olympics for shot putting. OK Just kidding. Loves being serious...

Mark Booth - Lead guitars

Mark Karras - Drums

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Other Contributors

Rick Britto - sax & flute
Alison Ryder - Background Vocals
Alicia Comings - Background Vocals
"Wild" Bill Noland - vocals on Fearless

Artwork - Josh Judge, Arish Lawyer